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We are here to help your business manage all of your digital projects. We are a team of Project Managers & Business/Data Analysts with experience in putting together teams to ensure your project is covered through all the stages. 

Managed Projects from Concept to Support

You have a need to ensure your business is succeeding in the digital marketplace. Our team is here to ensure that those ideas happen. We work with teams of Project Managers, Data Analysts and Developers to make sure that your projects run smooth and factor in all of the typical things that come up in technical development. Technology changes quickly and our teams stay on top of new trends to ensure you have the cutting edge tools to be successful. 

Marketing positioning and marketing strategy - segmentation targeting and positioning. Visualization of marketing marketing positioning.

Project Management

Our team of Project Managers are there from the ideation phase through deployment of your project. We work with businesses to find the best tools and process to complete a project on time and on budget. Experienced in web & mobile development, data analysis and reporting. 

Data Analysis

We believe in results and have found that our clients want to know what those results are. In todays digital space data is everything in learning about what is and is not working. Our team of Data Analysts are here to help you take your data and making visualization tools that give you the insight into your business. We work with any data from POS terminals to internal data collection and help you visualize and store the information your business needs to make changes and run efficiently. 

Web & Mobile Development

Launch5 Media has an amazing team of developers who can take your website or Mobile Application to the next level. We have years of working with Google Play and Apple to ensure that we cover all of the loopholes you will encounter when launching your website or mobile application. We work with Google to make sure your site is indexed properly for SEO results and to be found in the search on page one. We help with privacy notices, terms of service agreements and many of the other legal impediments that create blocks to reaching the people you need to reach.

Our teams can cover every part of your project.

We work to build the best teams for your project and budget. 

Web Developers

Data Analysts



Video Editors/Videographers

SEO Specialists 

3D Modeling 

If your project requires it we work to help find the best in the business.

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