Increase reach and conversions from your media buy using targeted video, search and display.


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Launch5 Media works with you to customize pre-roll videos for your ad campaign. The videos are used in video display advertisements across many of the industry leading video network platforms. Video display advertising can target very specific audiences and demographics based on the user who is searching. 

Diversified campaigns by Launch5 Media are designed to maximize exposure across multiple networks. Our team of campaign managers and proprietary systems ensure that all advertising dollars are being optimized for maximum return on the investment. Video, search and display media results are monitored, tested and updated to ensure that the most dollars are being spent on the best campaigns. 

At Launch5 Media we do not cut any corners when it comes to online digital marketing. All campaigns tie back into analytics for reporting purposes. Google Analytics is our preferred choice for tying campaigns back to provide meaningful results and to help adjust and manage a robust re-marketing strategy. 

Your Online Marketing Team

The team at Launch5 Media & Technology operate as a part of your business and integrate into your goals and the efforts of your company. We understand that internet marketing is multifaceted and to have a solid online strategy you need to have a balanced approach taking advantage and using all of the tools available to you. Launch5 Media is here to let you get back to your business while we take care of all your online presence. Call us today for a FREE consultation.


Increase in click-through rate when including video in email leads.


Users that say seeing a video about a product is helpful in the decision process.


Increase in engagement when video ads are combined with display advertisement.


Our display and video advertisement targets individuals based on location, demographic and other  data points. Video and display experiences can be customized to a user to give them a personal experience. 


Contact us today to learn more about how we can help your company deliver the best in online marketing by using video and display advertising in combination with analytics and data. 

Online Video Marketing

Combining online display advertising with data-driven video can rocket your online marketing campaign to a new level. The Internet is quickly taking marketing dollars away from T.V. and Radio ads where conversions are not as easily measured.

Launch5 Media has the tools and expertise to design a complete video campaign with video landing pages and complete sales funnel solutions that are designed to create excitement and action.

Local Search Marketing

Local search marketing is constantly changing. This moving target requires your business to synch with search engines, be listed on authority sites, and engage socially on many platforms.

If you miss any steps you will lose business to your more savvy competition. Our clients choose Launch5 Media because they don't have the time or experience to dominate their local market.

Websites & Landing Pages

Digital marketing designed to drive results needs a place to land and Launch5 Media designs websites and landing pages to close business. Most pre-roll video campaigns and super targeted display advertising should lead to a landing page designed to create urgency and a call to action.

Our unique unified marketing approach drives everything into a single point where a customer is encouraged to engage and finally make a decision on your product or service.

Campaigns for any device

At Launch5 Media we design our marketing to move with your potential customers. Our responsive landing pages look good across all platforms

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