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There is never just one thing

We are a digital consulting group with the tools and experience to help your businesses online marketing from multiple perspectives.

Launch5 Go™ is more than ad placement. Our custom landing pages are designed and tested to increase the conversion and keep the visitor in the sales funnel. 

Our proprietary process combines video & display marketing with intelligent data-driven landing pages and email marketing campaigns that keep you in the front of your potential and current clients. 

High quality landing pages that are developed and split tested for optimum results 

Analytical tools designed to increase quality score for top Google AdWords placement

Email marketing and follow up campaigns used to educate customers and keep your business in the eye of potential clients

At Launch5 Media, our Launch5 Go™ Internet Marketing optimizes campaigns across the most effective online marketing networks using recurring data from your campaigns. 

What does that mean for you? 

Dollar for dollar you are getting your ad viewed across the channels that make the greatest difference and generate the highest conversions.

Data is analyzed across multiple network distribution sites 

Paid display and video ads are distributed to highest converting platforms

Our expert account managers use experimental ad placement to test for increased efficiency within each ad channel

At Launch5 Media we do not cut any corners when it comes to online digital marketing. Our email drip campaigns are responsive to the requests of the consumer. We build out the sequence of emails for interactivity of the consumer and to educate and ensure the reader that your business is their best interest. 

Digital tracking through re-marketing campaigns 

Drip email sequences designed to help move potential clients down the sales funnel 

Interactive and informative specials campaigns

Your Online Marketing Team

The team at Launch5 Media operates as a part of your business, integrating into your goals and the efforts of your company. We understand that internet marketing is multifaceted. In order to have a solid online strategy, you need to have a balanced approach, taking advantage of the tools available to you. Call us today for a FREE consultation.

Don't be a statistic

You are paying to be seen and heard. We make sure that your ads are getting the views that lead to conversions. 

Accidental Mobile Clicks


Don't Trust Ad


Find Ads Intolerable



Contact us today to learn more about how we can help your company deliver the best in online marketing by using video and display advertising in combination with analytics and data. 

Online Video Marketing

Combining online display advertising with data-driven video can rocket your online marketing campaign to a new level. The Internet is quickly taking marketing dollars away from T.V. and Radio ads where conversions are not as easily measured.

Launch5 Media has the tools and expertise to design a complete video campaign with video landing pages and complete sales funnel solutions that are designed to create excitement and action.

Email Marketing Power

Email video and link marketing helps convert prospects into customers through education and offers. Our drip email campaigns and custom emails are designed to automatically respond to the prospect when they are at the highest level of interest in your product or service.

All of the email campaigns and landing pages are designed to work together with internet re-targeting programs keeping your business in the face of the potential customer.

Websites & Landing Pages

Digital marketing designed to drive results needs a place to land and Launch5 Media designs websites and landing pages to close business. Most pre-roll video campaigns and super targeted display advertising should lead to a landing page designed to create urgency and a call to action.

Our unique unified marketing approach drives everything into a single point where a customer is encouraged to engage and finally make a decision on your product or service.