One of the challenges of being an entrepreneur is finding the best networks and meeting the right people to help you grow in your business. There is a saying that goes something like, “Know what you don’t know and find someone who does.” This is something that should be a requirement for anyone who is starting a business. Mentorship and guidance from experienced professionals is not a “nice thing to have” but rather a “must have” for any entrepreneur. The Minnesota Entrepreneur Kick-Off is just one of the many ways that entrepreneurs at all stages of business can find relationships and resources that can help them get down the path.

The 8th Annual MN Entrepreneur Kick-Off is hosted by the Minnesota Entrepreneur Network (MNEN). The organization is committed to support the growth of an entrepreneurial ecosystem in the state of Minnesota. The kick-off event is the opportunity to learn about other ways to grow in business and networks.

Connections and Networks are at the heart of success in business. We are going to look at some other opportunities that can help make a difference to your business.


  1. Local Business Networks

Local options for business networking include meeting with local business owners as well as potentially contributing to local social events and aide. Most localities have a Chamber of Commerce where local business owners meeting at monthly events and learn more about each other over coffee or larger planned events. Some other localized groups include BNI and local Meetup groups. Some of these groups may require a yearly due to be a part and some additional commitment.

  1. Social Media

A great place to make business contacts is to network through social sites like LinkedIn and Twitter. The websites allow you the opportunity to get followers and show your expertise in your field. Establishing yourself as a professional in your business field will give you some additional clout in the business community.

  1. Join Entrepreneurial Groups

Look for groups state wide that are associated and work with like-minded entrepreneurs. You may find that there are many groups who can help you when starting out your business like the Business Collective. Some are for established business entrepreneurs like Founder Society. The organizations will typically offer more than just the network of people. Most of the sites have additional reading and even some free documents and templates.

  1. Local SCORE Chapter

SCORE is the premier place to go for business mentoring and information. The organization is run by other entrepreneurs who can help you with direction and making the right decisions about business. The website offers many valuable resources that every entrepreneur needs when starting a venture.

  1. Ask

It seems that the hardest thing to do is to ask for help. This is also one of the most important ways an entrepreneur can learn to make the right decisions and to find the path to better things. The 8th MN Entrepreneur Kick-Off is a great place to find the right network and the tools that can help your business.

Entrepreneurs need to be networking. Entrepreneurship is about building relationships with people and other businesses. There are many additional ways to make these contacts. It is the contact that counts the most.

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