Attorney Master Marketing

Increase your conversions, build trust in your brand and measure results with video landing pages and targeted marketing.


Attorney Master Marketing is designed with protective territory for our clients. In order to make them the best in their local area we will not market to competitor agencies within a 25 mile radius of our clients. Check you local market availability today.

Where is your money going?

We take away the blind approach to internet marketing.

At Launch5 Media, our Attorney Master Marketing program optimizes campaigns across the most effective online marketing networks using recurring data from your campaigns and potential clients.

What does that mean to you? 

Dollar for dollar you are getting your ad viewed across the channels that make the most difference and create the highest conversions for your law firm.

  • Data is analyzed across multiple network distribution sites 
  • Paid display and video ads are distributed to highest converting platforms
  • Our expert account managers use experimental ad placement to test for increased efficiency within each ad channel
Classic and Professional Advertising

Custom designed and tested landing pages increase conversions

Attorney Master Marketing is more than ad placement. Our custom landing pages are designed and tested to increase the conversion and keep the visitor in the sales funnel using video advertising. Video increases awareness and has been shown to increase conversion rates by 80%. 

Our  process combines video & display marketing with intelligent data-driven landing pages that keep you in the front of your potential and current clients. 

  • High quality landing pages that are designed to engage and guide potential clients and not sell to them. 
  • Analytical tools designed to increase quality score for top Google AdWords placement
  • SEO enhanced to increase SEO to your current website and content. 
Everything that your firm needs to succeed.


At Launch5 Media our Attorney Master Marketing program can provide EVERYTHING that your firm needs to market to your digital customers. We can provide our services for a fraction of the cost that your firm would have by hiring a full time internet marketing expert. Finding that person who can handle ALL of the internet marketing is like looking for a unicorn. Our team is divided into experts in specific areas of internet marketing. 

  • Ad Placement (Google certified), SEO Experts, Web Design Experts & Reporting analysts and brand experts. All at your fingertips.
  • Leverage the power of data and user experiences to create campaigns and sales funnels that blow your competition out of the water
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  • Custom Branded Video Landing Pages

    Intelligent mobile friendly landing pages managed and updated by Launch5 Media to educate your customers on various aspects of legal issues.

  • Display/Video Ad Placement

    Ad placement across multiple display and video networks including Facebook, LinkedIn, Google Ad Network, YouTube &  more using calculated data management to increase campaign efficiency. 

  • Pre-Roll Video Ad

    Our team of designers works with your existing videos to help develop a video ad unit to be used on YouTube, Vimeo, Hulu and other video distribution networks increasing your exposure through video SEO. 

  • Monthly Reporting

    Money spent for online marketing does not have to be blindly spent on channels where there is no view of the results. Paid display and video ads work in real time. Our reports show where your money was spent every month giving you the opportunity to measure conversions and advertising costs.

  • Organic SEO Bump

    Landing pages with high quality score rankings help to increase the organic SEO of brand pages and campaigns.

  • Terms

    $299 price includes ALL of this:

    •  Branded video landing page to educate and engage potential customers about legal issues 
    • Branded Display and Search Results advertisements 
    • Branded pre-roll video for video commercial use 
    • Monthly ad spend $50 for internet advertisements targeted
    • Monthly reporting