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Diversity and Work Life Balance -

Technology moves fast and keeps moving faster and faster until it is like the boat in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and out of control. We at Launch5 Media are a diverse team of professionals from all over the world with the skills and ideation to complete any of your technical projects. Our developers, artists, project managers and all others on our team are remote workers who love the work that they do along with a work life balance that we promote.

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A little about us

Founded in 2014, Launch5 Media was looking to help out the small and local businesses with digital agency services and technical development. They wanted to help make the web, video and mobile application markets available to smaller businesses with smaller budgets without cutting out the quality of work. Launch5 Media has now grown to work nationally with businesses to continue to develop state of the art technology and marketing expertise. 

The Team

Launch5 Media is a diverse group of professionals who love to work with challenges that open up their creative minds. Our teams work remotely from many cities around the United States as well as in countries like Mexico, Ireland, Iceland, Philippians and Europe. Our teams diversity includes musicians, actors, writers and more. 


Dave Hudson

Creative Director

George Rhodes

Web Developer/SEO

Hiba Babar

UI/UX Developer
Diane Conrad UX

Diane Conrad

UI/UX Specialist
Ge Ly

Ge Ly

Project Manager

Kali Kasprzyk


Mark Bungert

Sr. Software Engineer

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