The Launch5 Media Team

Launch5 Media is a proven team of creative experts in digital video marketing. Our team consists of top talent with years of experience in placing messages and getting results for our clients.


Launch5 Media empowers team members to collaborate in order to ensure that campaigns succeed. 

Results Driven

Campaigns are fully optimized for results and the highest ROI for any media spend. 


Everyone at Launch5 Media understands video and display advertising and cross trains. 

Keeping Digital Marketing Relevant

Launch5 Media is consistently working with the most current digital video advertising technology on the market. Our proprietary development includes customized & automated campaigns targeting by demographics and user data. The future of marketing is online and the video market segment is only getting started. Our teams are in place to ensure that we are at the forefront of that technology.

Located in Historic Northfield, Minnesota...

Launch5 Media is located in Historic Northfield, Minnesota between the colleges of St. Olaf & Carleton. In business since 2014 the company was founded by professional marketers and developers who wanted to create a business that was focused on partnership with clients. Campaigns and success is something takes time to develop and requires passion and energy to nurture it and keep it going. We are a believer in the empowerment of the teams that work on the projects and develop the applications and tools that we use to set up and deliver a successful campaign.